5. 11. 2017 from 18:30

in the Divadlo pod Palmovkou Theater


The Impression

THE IMRESSION, which each person leaves behind in the world.
Imprints and impressions of our actions remain everywhere around us same as our feet or hands leave prints in the soil. Some prints are so similar, it may seem as if they were reflecting each other.
What can such imprints or impressions mean?
How do they actually turn into reality?
Are they all real and are they really reflecting our actions?
How many of them might disappear and how many will remain?
Let’s look for answers through dance and our body, which gives the imprints and impressions a visual form.

The performance will be preceded by the Vernissage of Photos of The Direction project taken by Kevin V. Ton, which embody the proof of our imprints and impressions, and at the same time, reflect the The Impression project.
Site specific dance performance created for the foyer area of the Divadlo pod Palmovkou Theater.

Dancing: THE DIRECTION PROJECT under the supervision of Milana Odstrčila
Music: Vojtěch Rak
Photography: Kevin V. Ton
Graphics: Petra Tůmová Production: Tereza Hanusová & Lucie Vojtíšková
Guests of the evening will be Tamara Kšírová and Vojtěch Rak, lecturers of the New Stage Studio ND.

Time schedule:
18:30 Vernissage of Kevin V. Ton’s Photos of the Direction performance
19:00 The Impression Dance Performance
Afterparty - DJ Forest Dump