Already transpired on Saturday 3.6. 19:33

In the magically inspiring space of a former piano factory - Pianka Dalibor



Each of us lives and acts on their own, but at the same time we all interact with each other. We gain our personal experience and develop our personalities through special moments and life milestones, but also through everyday activities. Then comes a moment when get together and our personal and small steps that may seem tiny for us, may be grounds for movement of the whole society. Growth and development are basic principles of everything living. Humans, being no exception, are integral to nature which keeps moving, changing and constantly rearranging its structure. These moves and changes happen organically, unconsciously and automatically, such as annual seasons come and go. Living in harmony with this perfect choreography of existence allows us to dance our way to a place, where we truly belong in this world.

Theme: Tereza Hanusová & Milan Odstrčil
Choreography: Milan Odstrčil
Music: Kryštof Okrouhlý
Photography and Graphics: Kevin V. Ton & Petra Tůmová
Production: Tereza Hanusová & Lucie Vojtíšková
Anastasia Avdějeva, Zuzana Burgerová, Tereza Galbavá, Tereza Hanusová, Mikuláš Klápště, Roman Král, Andrea Mrázková, Viera Pastorová, Pavlína Podzimková, Petra Tůmová, Lucie Vojtíšková

Guest performance: Kateřina Eva Lanči's dance company LOCO:MOTION

Afterparty - DJ Forest Dump

Voluntary admission


At Pianka Dalibor